Thursday, March 27

Spring Break!

Whenever my sis in-law comes into town, we know what's going to take place. . .
Her and her BF flew into town stay with us this past week during their Spring Break. We had such a blast hanging out with them (as we always do!) Here are a few pictures from the week to share:

Ask my husband.... every time I pass these beautiful fields, they SCREAM at me to take pictures in them! So finally!!!

I love this one- I don't think they even realized I was snapping it at the time (which are always my favorite captures!)

I love stalking people!

Oh, the lovely streets of San Francisco

Another candid shot that I love

They are just too cute, it's sickening!

Okay now SMILE!!!

Just for fun...

I love playing paparazzi!

The trolly rides were definitely one of the highlights of the trip!

Thanks for all the great laughs and fun memories! We miss you both already!

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