Friday, August 1

On Her Own

Ever since she started walking, her life and OUR lives have completely changed!  All she ever wants to do is WALK, WALK, WALK!  Being out in public has recently turned into a GREAT challenge because she INSISTS on walking on her OWN, in her OWN direction- NOT Mom and Dad's direction, but HER direction.  So we decided to let her have a day of her own, and work on some of her built up desires to explore and go where EVER she wants. We took her to one of my favorite places as a kid, and let her go at it!  She led the way all on her own. 

"This way please. . ." 

"Come on guys, you there?"

"Look what I found..."

"Rest stop with Daddy..."
"Safe in Daddy's arms"
"What's that Mama?"
"Okay Mama- enough of this, let's go!" 

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