Friday, September 12

The Fountains

A few weeks back, someone from work told me about this place by the Galleria called "The Fountains at Roseville".  We finally decided to go and check it out, and discovered our new favorite hang out spot!  There is something for all of us there:  
The color filled water fountains and loud synchronized music, was definitely the hit for Makyla!  She was mesmerized by the bright colorful lights, and splashed around and got all three of us wet! There is great window shopping for me, and David found his new favorite home theater store that he is now saving his life fortune for! (Friends beware: the manager wanted to hire him on the SPOT because of his enthusiasm for the store.  I'm sure he'll be talking to you about it soon, if he hasn't already!)
Anyways, here are some photos of the fountain to share.  Wish I took more of the actual complex, but I have a feeling we'll be back there again soon!  (My settings were off in the pics, but you get the idea anyway!)  Go check this place out for yourself!    

Have a great weekend everybody!

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