Saturday, October 18

(Past Due) Disneyland Report!

I know this is waaaay late, but I figured better to be late then never!  (I truly have been meaning to post this forever (sorry!)    
{Thanks for reminding me today Kim!}  
For those of you who know our family, know that we are HUGE Disneyland fans. We've been sooooo anxious to take Makyla to one of our favorite places on earth and share all the happiness.  . . .And the verdict was . . . she LOVED it!  She was so overwhelmed & over-stimulated the first day, but by the second and third day she had it down! We had a wonderful trip with my parents, and we met my fun sis in-law and her BF down there.  It was exhausting (as was expected) but worth every single moment.  
(If you scroll down, I posted a quick video of a few clips from the trip.)

Here's a quick glimpse:

She LOVED all the characters, and recognizes them everywhere now!
Goofy kept being silly and pushing them out of  "our" picture
Makyla got to drive her own car!  A frightening flash into the future for Mom and Dad
She loved rocking on the piano
A very exhausted little girl
Sportin her very cool Mickey glasses
...and one of my all time favorites.  

(Click the screen below to view:)

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