Sunday, February 8

Captured by Joelle - Is Now LIVE!

The past couple weeks I've been. . .
busy, busy, busy
working on my brand spankin NEW Site!

It's now LIVE to the public!

Same address . . . NEW Look!!!
Check it out~

(Check site often as I will be updating frequently!)


the sniders said...

jo- the new site looks awesome! you're awesome, girl...keep it up. :D

the sniders said...

haha...totally just re-read my comment and realized i used awesome twice. :D maybe i need some new adjectives. :D

Brooke said...

Looks so wonderful!! You have done an amazing job!

What is the song that is playing?

Joelle said...

Thanks girls!!! :)
The song is by Lenka- "Dont let Me Fall".

Laurie J. said...

Great website- highlights your work and sets the mood of what working with you is like so well!!
We wish you MUCH success!
laurie and jeff

Jill said...

i LOVE joelle .... WTG !!!

((i added you to my blog roll ...