Wednesday, February 18

It Wont Be Like This For Long

So... I have to admit that the past couple months I have been a MAJOR slacker in the blogging world!  I've had ideas come to mind on things to blog about, but not enough time to sit at the computer and actually put the time into accomplishing it.  (sorry!!!)  With my husbands new work schedule, we've been valuing & protecting our "family time" and putting that first!  M moved from the baby to toddler stage overnight and now she's moving into a whole new stage of acting more and more like a big (little) girl!  D and I have really been treasuring these past months with her as we're watching her transform into this little person, in which whom we really enjoy hanging with!  She's our buddy!  (Who'd of guessed?!)  She's only this age ONCE, and it makes me tear up to think that we can't re-live this time again- (except through photo's and videos of course!)   With that being said, that is what we've been up to lately!
So here's a quick glimpse of a new ritual that Daddy and M have started together. DANCING!!! Tonight, before she went to bed I finally pulled out the camera and caught them in on the act! Something I'm sure will be shared at her wedding someday!  *sniffle, sniffle*  . . . and did I mention, that she sure is blessed with an AMAZING father! 

Daddy's new FAVORITE song, that is constantly found on repeat in the home!!!  It's soooo sweet! 
I posted lyrics below-

Darius Rucker:

It Wont Be Like This For Long

This phase is gonna fly by 

So baby just hold on 

It wont be like this for long

Four years later bout four thirty

She's crawling in there bed 

And when he drops her off at preschool 

She's clinging to his leg 

The teacher peels her off of him 

He says what can i do 

She says now dont you worry 

This will only last a week or two

It wont be like this for long 

One day soon we'll drop her off 

And she wont even know your gone 

This phase is gonna fly by 

If you can just hold on 

It wont be like this for long

One day soon she'll be a teenager 

And at times you'll think she hates him  

Then he'll walk her down the isle 

And he'll raise her vale

But right now she up and cry'n 

And the truth is that he dont mind 

As he kisses her good night 

And she says her prayers 

He lays down there beside her 

Till her eyes are finally closed 

And just watch'n her it breaks his heart 

Cause he already knows 

It wont be like this for long 

One day soon that little girl is gonna be  

All grown up and gone 

Yeah this phase is gonna fly by 

He's try'n to hold on 

It wont be like this for long 

*tear, tear*  


Brooke said...



No words to say. So true, all of it!

jeff & steph said...

sooo precious!!!!

Ryan and Desyrae said...

So glad you captured this! It will last a lifetime!

Jerolyn Bogear said...

*sigh* seems like Lauren was just that age dancing with Daddy. Goes by so fast.

Anonymous said...

Soooo sweet!!!!!! You'll treasure this forever!


Mandy said...

so precious! i wish i had something like this to watch of me and my dad when i was little. she's going to love seeing this when she's older:)