Wednesday, March 18

Disneyland 09'

Last week on a complete spur-of-the-moment basis, we decided to pack up the suitcases and head down to Disneyland in celebration of Davids birthday. Because of Disney's birthday celebration going on this year, we had to take full advantage of the excuse to experience the magic once again!
Due to the fact that we were there about 6 months ago, Makyla acted like an old pro getting around. She recognized and had the opportunity to meet just about all the characters! Out of ALL the princesses & disney characters, her FAVORITE was the BEAST (from Beauty & the Beast)! She told EVERYONE she met all about him! He was the only one we could not track down, (and trust me we searched high & low) but we did get to see him dance with Bell in the show, Fantasmic. Let me tell you, that made her entire trip! We celebrated David's birthday under the fireworks, and soaked in the magic of Disney.

Flying through the sky with daddy:
Meeting princess Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora & Snow White
... and a quick recap of the trip:

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Ryan and Desyrae said...

What a sweet video. I love the part where Makyla is waving at Fantasmic. So sweet. Oh how I love that place!