Saturday, June 27

Best 6 Years of My Life

June 27th, 2009

You have shown me, for 6 glorious years, what it is like to be loved, and in turn how to truly love someone. You're a model to our daughter that shows her what to expect from the future man in her life. I have no doubt that she will take your example and use it to guide her heart. You are forever the voice of reason, calm, reassurance, security, honor and integrity. You are understanding, forgiving and loving.

I didn’t daydream about you when I was a little girl. I dreamt of someone who could never hold a candle to you. I never realized that men like you existed, and I certainly never knew that I was deserving of a love like yours. Your smile melts my heart. You have a way of expressing the most heartfelt sentiments in the oddest of times. When my hair is a mess and I am exhausted, you’ll say something loving and completely unexpected. I know that those words aren’t planned, and your sincerity is overwhelming. You have made me feel like a princess from day one. On those rare occasions when we are not pulling “parent-duty” and are able to just bask in each other’s company, anyone would swear that we were in that “honeymoon” stage of love. You are my best friend and the love of a lifetime. I always know that if I should stumble and fall, you will be there to catch me. I feel so proud to call you my husband, and honored to be the mother of your children.

You’ve opened my eyes to unconditional love, and love of myself, and for that I am forever grateful. We are not perfect. We disagree sometimes and have our debates. Even in those moments, your love shines through, and makes me want to be a better person. You have so much good in your heart that you bring out the best in those around you. You can take a volatile situation and with your words, diffuse it. I am constantly in awe of you–whether I constantly show it or not.

I never thought that I would look forward to getting older, but I do. It warms my heart to see a loving, elderly couple because I long for the day that we ARE that couple. I want nothing more than to sit on the porch with you and marvel at a beautiful sunset and what a beautiful life we’ve shared together. I know in the depths of my soul that God intended for you to love me, and for me to love you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to love you. Here’s to a lifetime of anniversaries to come!
With all of my love… today, forever, and always,


Dee Priebe said...

This is a wonderful letter to your husband, the love of your life. My prayers have always been for you to first know and love God, then to find and love the man he created for you. My prayers have been answered. Thank you Lord!

zuliblu said...

Beauriful, Joelle you almost had me in tears.

Ryan and Desyrae said...

This is so beautiful Jo. So blessed to be on life's journey with you guys. Lots of love for you three!