Wednesday, July 22

Bogear/Snider Family Together at Last!

I've been anxiously looking forward to hanging with the Bogear/Snider family for some time now!  We were awaiting the arrival of their oldest daughter and son in-law to fly into town from Indiana for a family visit.  The seven of us walked around Old Town and captured some fun shots of the 6 of them together at last!   I have known this family for MANY years now, and I've never been let down from having a great time, full of laughter while being in their presence.  Jim Bogear, (the dad of the group) is the founding/lead pastor at The River Church in Sacramento (our home church for years now).  Jim and his wife Jerolyn are amazing leaders, parents, friends, and just all around great people!  Needless to say, this was truly a treat for me to spend the morning hanging with their family.  Here's a taste of our 100 degree morning session... Yes, we were already sweating before the photo taking even started!  Great job hanging in there guys! Thanks again for allowing me the honor of capturing this time in your life!


Jerolyn Bogear said...

Joelle, you rock!!! Thank you so much. ~J

the sniders said...

jo - these turned out so good! thanks for taking such great shots! and thanks for putting up with my hair issues. :D

Ryan and Desyrae said...

These are so much fun!