Wednesday, September 16

Farewell Summer

What a crazy/fun summer it's been!  So much has happened, and I know I've been talking about posting our summer vacation photos FOREVER now, but because I'm sooo behind and overwhelmed with client photos right now, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to catch up on posting our personal family stuff.  (Please forgive me!!!)  In the meantime... here's a little peek of my lovely girl who is growing waaaaay to fast.  She's almost 2 1/2 going on 12, and I can barely keep up with her growth myself.  Ever since her 2nd birthday, she has dramatically taken off in so many ways... Her and I can sit and almost have full on conversations now... and she can sing the words to just about every classic Disney song out there!  (definitely daddy's girl!)  I keep saying every stage is my favorite, but I truly think this is the best so far!  I love having my little buddy around, and she is the greatest blessing to her daddy and I.  
We went out this week to capture some updated photos of just her to end the summer season.  I love the colors that are out right now... and it's only going to get better with Fall right around the corner!  Farewell Summer... Bring on Fall!!!

...and a taste of her personality: 
Singing ABC's and the Princess Aurora song, from her current favorite Disney flick: Sleeping Beauty.

Have a GREAT week everyone!!!!


Jill said...

these are ADORABLE, her eyes GORGEOUS, & what a ball of personality, WAY cute !!!

rachel said...

i love the video. so cute. i see a lot more of you in her these days!