Wednesday, March 24

Spring Announcement!

  Now that Spring has officially sprung, I have an announcement I'd like to share~  The new CBJ 2010 Price List is almost here!  (Yes, ONLY three months overdue!)  If you follow my Facebook page, you've probably already heard this and know that anyone who has booked with me over the past 2.5 years will soon be receiving a little something in the mail!  So be on the look out in your mailbox in the next week or so.  (If your mailing address has changed since our last session, please send your updated mailing address to: -thanks!  
**Thanks again to all who have contributed to making Captured by Joelle Photography a success, and for inviting me into your lives to document these milestones.  I look forward to capturing and sharing MANY more of these moments with you!  
♥ Joelle
We LOVE Spring!!!


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Julie Meier said...

I LOVE the picture with the chair! It is just awesome! I can't wait for Monday!!!