Monday, April 19

Oh My.... My baby sis is having a BABY!!!!! {Sacramento, Bay Area Maternity Photographer}

Wow, never thought this day would come!  Well I have to say that although I've enjoyed being an Auntie to my wonderful niece Piper, she just doesn't quite fit the whole package, if you know what I mean?  She will always be one of the easiest, most obedient subjects to photograph, but I want a niece I can kiss, cuddle and spoil a lot!!!
So..... the day is almost here!  Baby Tatum, my beautiful niece is expected to make her grand debut this MAY!!!!  I can hardly contain my excitement as I've already started gathering the frilliest garments for her!  (shh, our secret!)  For those of you who know my sis even a little bit, probably know her as the sporty athlete that could whoop on all the boys in basketball.  Needless to say, she has contributed to roughing and toughing up my daughter by buying her first basketball hoop, and introducing her to the dance move, "shake your booty".  Yes, that's Meg in a nutshell!  So don't be surpised when Auntie Jo introduces Miss Tatum to pretty pink dresses and tea parties  :)  Oh just wait!!!!!!!  

One thing I do know, is that Meg and Dave are going to be absolutely incredible parents!  No doubt about it.  I've loved watching their love for Tatum shine through constantly, and hearing the excitement in their voices as they talk about her.  Makes me giddy and one proud auntie and sister  :)

Meet my sis, one of the most beautiful women I know.

Beautiful couple inside and out.
 The "how did this happen to us?" look...
... and the true essence of their personalities.
Love you THREE, a lot!!!
♥  Auntie Jo

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