Thursday, March 31

My Little Man.

 Meet Gavyn.  I've dreamt about this little man over the past year and now he's FINALLY in my arms.  Our newest member... born February 21st.  Absolutely perfect. We are blessed.  

There are no words for happiness like this :)
5 days old and already the most adored baby in the world :)

And a more recent one taken with big sis Makyla exactly 1 month after his birthday!  ...Maybe I should leave the "maternity leave" auto-responder on for just a couple more weeks, because a couple more weeks of snuggling with these two sounds to good to pass up!  :)  

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Laurie J. said...

These are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL baby photos, Joelle! We can see the love in every frame!

So so happy for you guys!!

Much love,