Friday, August 8

Born To Ride (Together)

My parents:
Not your typical grandparents- but who blames them?  They are enjoying life to the fullest and doing what they love TOGETHER.  
(I couldn't resist adding the fun biker quotes :)

~The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome. ~ Author Unknown~Never ride faster then your guardian angel can fly. ~

~Sometimes the best communication happens when your on separate bikes. ~
~Work to ride, and ride to work.  ~

~ Warning: Objects seen in mirror disappear rapidly! ~
~Never try to race an older person, he may have one more gear then you.  ~ 
~Whatever it is, it's better in the wind.  ~ Author Unknown

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Rebecca said...

awesome pics!! your parents look amazing. tell them hi, and that I am sooo jealous of thier life on the road :0)