Saturday, November 8

Fall Family Shoot

Today I had the opportunity to meet the Cramsey family.   They are such a beautiful family, and their 9 month old cutie knew exactly what to do in front of the camera! She was such a doll as she hammed it up, and truly was a natural!  She kept us all laughing, and we had a great day at the park.  Here's a quick sneak peek of the photos:

She has the most captivating eyes!
So close to walking on her own!
Such a cutie!
I love this one of the three of them.

Thanks again guys ~  I'll have the rest of your photos ready for you soon!


Dee Priebe said...

Can't wait to see these pics. They are a beautiful family. Are you going to keep them public so others can see?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you are going to sumit them to a MAJOR contest these are award winning.......Nana K.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!!! I am so glad I scheduled my family with you!!!Kathy M

Joelle said...
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Joelle said...

Thanks! They made it easy for me. . . I mean just look at them!

Looking forward to meeting your family soon Kathy!