Thursday, December 11

Sisters: Zoe & Chloe

Meet precious sisters, (14 month old) Zoe & (10 day old) Chloe. . . sweet angel babies.  It was a honor to meet these beautiful girls and their mother this week.  I could not get over the loving interaction big sister Zoe had with her baby sister Chloe.  You can tell she already loves her sooo much and was quick to offer her sweet kisses and a helping hand when needed.   What a blessed friendship they will soon develop.  

Meet Chloe
Meet Zoe
There's nothing sweeter. . .

Yes, this is December weather, but ONLY in California!  
We could NOT have asked for a better day!

sweet kisses
-And. . . their beautiful mother who, by the way. . . does NOT look like she gave birth 10 days ago!
You can see where they get it from!

{It was so wonderful meeting the three of you!  My prayers will be with your family during your BIG move!}


Ryan and Desyrae said...

These are so beautiful Jo!!! Absolutely amazing. I can't wait for Eli to be in front of your lens.

Joelle said...

Thanks Des! These girls were precious!

I cant wait for Eli either! Ooo, I'm so excited!!!

zuliblu said...

Joelle, your talent never ceases to amaze me. You are going to go far in your photography career, I can feel it!

Blooming Life said...

I love these! Thank you so much! My girls look great. You have great eye and are very creative. Thank you!