Tuesday, April 14

Layla James

Oh my goodness... I can't get enough of her! Something this sweet makes a mommy want more babies... not that I'm saying I'm going to have another anytime soon... not yet at least... but I have to admit that hanging with Layla makes me look forward to experiencing this stage again!  
I've been anxiously waiting to photograph Miss Layla for some time now!  I finally got to pull out some of my little girl props again, and that was fun.  She is a doll, and quite the little model!  She's such a pleasantly mannered little girl with tons of sweet smiles to share.  I captured soooo many beautiful photos of her, and it was beyond difficult picking which ones to post... so I again randomly picked a few to share with you!  I may end up sharing more later, once I have a chance to go through the rest.  
Here she is... sweet Layla James:

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous baby and family!

Christine Rosa