Thursday, May 28

Gordon & Jenn-Jen (10 Years!)

First off I have to say... one of my absolute FAVORITE parts of my job are the people I get to work with!  I get to spend a couple hours a day hanging out, talking, getting to know people while I capture them just being them.  I. LOVE. IT!!!!
So on that note... On Tuesday I had the complete honor of hanging out with Gordon & Jenn-Jen!  These two can easily be mistaken as engaged or newlyweds, but they in fact just celebrated 10 years of marriage!  Wow!!!  They are an absolutely beautiful couple as you can see, and in a few weeks I will be photographing their ADORABLE twin daughters and son as well! I was blessed to spend part of the day with them, and CANNOT wait to photograph the rest of their family very soon!  
Here's their quick sneak peek:


Jenn-Jen said...

Joelle!! Love the pictures!! You made us look better than we really are! We had so much fun doing it with you too. So glad we met, and we are looking forward to our next session with the whole family. - Jenn-Jen

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful!!!! Getting excited for our session next month!
~ Chelsea R.