Thursday, July 16

Sneak Peek for the Hechel Family

First off, I apologize for the major lag in blogging!  The last couple weeks have been crazy busy with work, and then the hubby and I escaped to Vegas for five days to celebrate our anniversary, then caught the flu somewhere in the process of traveling back to town.  Feels like the three of us have slept the past week away trying to get over it, and finally we are back in action!!!  Now to catch up a little...
Here's a sneak peek for the Hechel family.  Jonathan (the son) had me cracking up with all his faces during our session!  He was just to funny, so I decided to post a mini montage of the many faces of he and his sister!  Aren't they cute!?  Had a great time hanging with these guys, and want to thank them for being such troopers and braving the heat to make this happen!  The rest of the photos should be ready very soon!  

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