Saturday, July 25

Taron + Amanda | Engagement

I LOVE engagement sessions! I hang out and follow two people who are clearly in love, and capture their sweet & sincere interactions with one another! That's exactly what I did with Taron & Amanda. These two did not take long AT ALL to warm up to the camera. You would think I staged all their photos, but their love is truly so genuine that it could not be manufactured in any better way. I had so much fun with them. They were both sooo down to earth, easy going, and just REAL. I loved watching them interact. They were so darn cute and HOT at the same time! I can totally see them at 80 years old snuggling and laughing at each others jokes. :)
Thanks again for contacting me to capture these for you. Your love for one another is breath taking, and you are going to be a stunning bride and groom at your tropical destination wedding! Wishing you many blessings on your future together as Mr & Mrs!


Ryan and Desyrae said...


Jenifer hayes said...

I love these!!! Such great pics! They are so playful yet romantic!

Dee Priebe said...

What a beautiful couple! good work Joelle.