Monday, November 2

Meet the Browns

Busy, busy, busy lately... TONS of blogging to do. Several sessions currently in the works and to be posted soon. So for those still waiting... thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience & STAY TUNED-- I promise your photos will be appearing soon!!!

I love the anticipation of how a session unfolds. I never fully know what to expect until we're there in the moment. I love talking, and getting to know the subjects while they get comfortable with the idea of me following them around like a stalkarazzi! Once we get going and the moods take over, I start snapping away. I always say if you hear the shutter snapping fast, you're doing something right! The Browns were no exception! With minimal instruction on how to pose, stand or smile, they got my shutter moving in full swing! Everytime one of them would crack a joke, or do something silly I was snapping away... good times were created and fun memories were captured!
Without further ado, meet the Browns!

Beautiful Mother & her kids..
Gotta love brother sister interaction...
awww, they do love each other...
Karen is such a beautiful woman with a radiant smile...

Good times!!!
Thanks again to Karen, Austin & Kendra for choosing me to photograph their beautiful family! I had a wonderful time! The rest of the photos will be ready soon!

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