Thursday, April 22

Updates, and a Cutie to share! {Sacramento Child Photographer}

Next to Christmas, this is by far the next busiest time of year!  Where did Feb, March and April go???  I have no clue.  I am buried in post processing right now, so I apologize if your photos are taking a bit longer then normal.  I promise that I am working into the wee hours of the night to get them to you as fast as possible!  Also, please note that I will be out of town for a few weeks starting the first week of May, so my goal is to get caught up before we leave!  (Fingers crossed!)  I will definitely be in touch with those still waiting.

**A GIGANTIC thanks to all who have spread the word, and voted for Captured by Joelle Photography in the KCRA's A-List for Sacramento's Best Portrait Photographer.  You guys are the BEST, and your kinds comments and emails have overwhelmed me with appreciation and gratitude!  Wish you could see the many smiles you've brought to my face  :)  If you have not yet voted, click ----> HERE (or on the banner found at the top of the page) to cast your vote.  While you're there, you can browse through and vote for other favorite businesses in the Sacramento area.  It's fun!  Voting ends May 20th, winners announced May 24th!

Tons of other updates coming soon!  My daughter just hit the BIG three this week, but her birthday post will have to be put on hold, as I repeat my two favorite words lately...  STAY TUNED!!!!  

In the meantime, I'm not going to leave you without a cutie to share....  
Meet Alexa!  This little beauty just turned one, and I swear she's made for the camera.   Her expressions and lady like mannerisms were priceless.  I had such a great time meeting her family, and capturing her at this absolutely ADORABLE stage!   Thanks again to Alexa and her family  :) 
--Have a WONDERFUL weekend!--

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