Sunday, July 11

The Silva Family

First off,  I apologize to those who have been waiting extra long for sneak peeks and photo galleries.  I've been feeling a bit under the weather past week and therefore started falling behind on schedule.  Hoping to pick up speed soon!  (thanks again for your patience!!!)  If you haven't already heard from me, I promise that your photo galleries are right around the corner! 
I have several beautiful families and children to share on the blog... so stay tuned for more  :)

In the meantime, it's my pleasure to introduce you to the Silva family.  They were a complete joy to hang out with, and they worked the camera like old pros~  Not to mention, one of the nicest families!  Here they are...  {Thanks again to the Silva family~ ENJOY!!!}

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jamie silva said...


We absolutely LA LA LOVE them!! You so VERY talented!! Your work is STUNNING!! Thank you so much!!