Saturday, November 6

Updates, and a Beautiful Family!

Hello blog readers!  Thought you'd never see me here again right?  I figured it was about time for an update and a quick return from my MIA hiatus to quickly catch up on what's going on.  Holiday season is in FULL swing, and 2010 books have been packed to the brim since August/September.  I've been thoroughly enjoying meeting many new clients & catching up with old ones!  I'm now booking up for the New Year, but am scheduling very lightly in the months of February-April, as we will soon be welcoming a new member to our family come February... AND moving our family across town sometime in the midst of everything else.  (whew!!)  Since blogging has been put on the back-burner (but only temporarily) in the meantime, you can follow my facebook page to keep up with the latest client sneak peeks, announcements and more!  

I won't leave without a beautiful family to share~  
The Rice family.  We had a GREAT afternoon together braving the rain... and although we did get rained out for the first part of the session, we found cover and the rain clouds eventually blew over, which made for a perfect afternoon... SUCCESS!!!  It was a fantastic day seeing the entire gang together and capturing their bright personalities and fun interactions.  (SO PRICELESS!!)  
Thanks again Rice family, and hope you enjoy your sneak peek! 

And the rains comes down.  Seeking shelter...
Found cover... dry and beautiful again! 

And my favorites!!!
Thanks again for the WONDERFUL afternoon Rice Family!  
Happy weekend everyone!!!

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