Wednesday, January 12

Updates, and the beautiful Wyman Family

Yes you can call me a major blog & facebook slacker... but at least I have a list of wonderful excuses this time!  :-)  So here's the quick update of our crazy life:  The new home closed escrow over the Holidays and we made the official move through Christmas.  We're all moved in (with some major renovation projects and a honey-do list running off the charts) but we are IN and living! YES!!!  Good news is... my new indoor mini studio is just about finished with a few small finishing touches, it's expected to be up and running by the end of the month-- Woohoo!!!  (By the way... if you're in need of a great, reliable, realtor we seriously have the BEST---> Doug- check him out!)  We are also about 5 weeks away from meeting our baby boy who is due to make his appearance next month, and I no haven't started putting together his room yet, (call it the 2nd child syndrome I suppose... yet another project coming up in the next week or so).  But we are absolutely thrilled and anxious to meet him!  I am currently wrapping up sessions between now and then and plan to take most of Feb-March off for maternity leave, and then return for Spring sessions come April.  Spaces are already filling up, so contact me now if you're interested in booking a Spring session! 

For those of you waiting on photos, I promise that I have not forgotten about you!!!  Computer/internet was out of commission for a couple weeks, but I am hitting the ground running once again!  I appreciate your patience!  In the meantime, here's a gorgeous family to share~  The Wyman family.  An absolute joy to hang out with and capture, and they honestly could not have made my job any easier!  Thanks again to the Wyman family, and hope you enjoy your sneak peek! 
Happy 2011!!!!

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