Sunday, November 22


Wow, I'm on a role here...  Finally picking up speed on blogging & photo processing, at least before the busy Thanksgiving week hits!  Just a FYI: the wait time for photos is currently running about 2-3 weeks.  I am working my tail end off so clients can order and receive their cards and gifts in time for the Holidays!  So for those of you still waiting... they're coming, I promise!  :-) 
In the meantime, I have a cutie-pie to show off!  Little Miss Elliot.   (You may remember her from our previous session in May- click HERE.)  She sure gave me a run for the money and a good workout, but in the end it paid off because we managed to catch some great shots!!  The thing I love about photographing this age is that you never know what to expect.  Being a Mom of a toddler I know first hand how challenging "picture day" can be and what an exhausting experience it is.  I find it's best to let them just "be" and capture them doing what they do best... exploring, playing, running, laughing.  One day when we look back, we'll truly appreciate these simple and innocent moments that pass much to quickly and can never be taken back.   ....... And this explains my passion for photography, because I refuse to forget!!!   

such curiosity.
fascinated by the simplest things.
sweet innocence of a child.
the love of a family.
Thanks again to the "B" Family for sharing their little Elliot with me.  It was a treat to spend the morning with you.  Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!  More coming soon-

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