Tuesday, May 24

The Holaday Quads!

For those who don't know our dear friends, Danielle and Ryan,(see on the blog HERE) were expecting quadruplet boys last Fall.  The boys made their grand appearance early October and were delivered at 26 weeks.  They were released from the hospital around Christmas day and were featured in a wonderful article found in the Sac Bee (HERE) just days before Christmas.  These almost 8 month old HANDSOME miracle babies are growing strong and healthy, and truly an indescribable blessing to so many.  
I had the honor of spending time with our friends and their very precious boys.  I warned Danielle of the challenges that come with capturing one infant (let alone four) at this stage and told her to not expect it to go as planned, and if anything we'll celebrate capturing ONE of our many "planned shots".  Well let's say... these boys left me speechless.  They were possibly four of the happiest and most cooperative babies I've ever photographed!  Mama Danielle had everything perfect from their feeding, burping, playtime, sleeping schedule down to the very last second.  Each boy responded exactly the way she predicted and the morning could not have run smoother.  WOW!!! I have never witnessed anything like it!  Go Danielle!!!!!  God knew what He was doing when He blessed Danielle and Ryan with four boys at the same time!  Only they could pull it off as natural and graceful as they do.  I told Danielle, people would pay good money to take a class or read a book to know her amazing secrets on how to raise such happy babies.  

Without further adieu.... meet the beautiful Holaday Family of SIX!

Taken just weeks before meeting their precious boys...  
You would never guess by looking at her she was carrying FOUR!  (See more maternity photos HERE.)
The GORGEOUS 'super' Mom with her 4 handsome little men.
After feeding, burping, playing... the result.
Four sleepy little boys.  Nothing sweeter!
Peek-a-boo!  Well at least three sleepy little boys.  Dylan (the fraternal quad) peeking out while his triplet brothers fall into their deep slumber...
Hi Mama!  Dylan flashing a priceless grin as his 3 brothers sleep.
The boys showing off the latest "Spring Fashion".  Can you say ADORABLE?!?!  :)
Who doesn't LOVE a naked baby?!  Especially when they're this darn cute!!!  
This image just makes me smile from ear to ear  :)   
The AMAZING parents with their INCREDIBLE boys.  
Here's one last 'behind the scenes' outtake of the quads and my lil bubba hanging out (on the far left).  
I can only imagine the trouble these 5 little guys will be causing years from now.  
Girls watch out!!!  :)

Happy Tuesday!!!!!


Joanna said...

Love the photos Joelle; such precious pictures of an amazing family!

Libier said...

Ummmmm this made me cry so much!! Jo, these are absolutely breathtaking! You are amazing at your job!! God bless you and these four cutie pies and their parents! WOW! See you didn't need anything from Ikea to make the shoot!

Stacey J said...

This couldn't be any more precious! Tears are flowing! Good job Joelle, and Danielle, you are stunning! Can't wait to see you all!!!