Friday, December 11

Dad & his beautiful girls

It's Friday night catch up time!  More beautiful sessions to post but here's a few to tie us over!
You may remember these precious sisters from last winter (click *HERE*).   Now they're a year older and even more beautiful if that's possible!  They traveled all the way from Colorado to California to have their photos taken -- well not quite exactly... Thanksgiving AND Chloe's 1st birthday may have had something to do with it, but still....  :)   I was so thrilled that we were able to make it happen in the midst of the crazy week.   You may notice their Mama's stomach that is growing another beautiful little girl.  Yes, that will be THREE girls!   I think their Daddy already knows that he's going to have his hands full fighting off the boys one day with three gorgeous girls running the house!  But I have to say, he's one luck guy to be surrounded by such beauties!  
Thanks again to the "B" family for taking time out of their vacation to make this possible!  Lot's of warm wishes and prayers coming your way in the next couple months as you welcome baby girl #3!  Have a wonderful white Christmas!!! 

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